About Us

Aeon AI was founded with a singular goal in mind: To increase the value of the real estate portfolios of its professional founders. The founders recognized that there were very few modern tech tools available to sophisticated real estate owners and investors. The commercial real estate market had been slow to adopt technology, and most owners and investors were still using antiquated tools in a manual manner. Aeon AI was founded to bring the power of big data to the real estate industry. By automating standard industry tools and data sets, Aeon AI allows users to make informed decisions about their real estate investments and maximize returns. The platform's customizable dashboard and partnership with world-class data analysts make it an essential tool for sophisticated real estate owners and investors.

Make a positive impact on the economy

At Aeon, we firmly believe in the power of LAND, PEOPLE, and TIME as the foundational elements of a thriving society. We understand that the organization and utilization of these resources are key in determining the maximum potential of a society's GDP and standard of living. To this end, we have developed a system that analyzes the complex relationships and economic chains created by the combination of these elements. By democratizing access to this data and providing clarity and efficiency, Aeon empowers societies to make informed decisions and optimize the use of their resources. We are proud to be a part of a movement towards a more prosperous and equitable future.

Evaluate and Analyze Massive Real Estate Specific Datasets

Aeon AI automates 65 different data streams specific to each individual property, allowing for real time evaluation. You can simultaneously run multiple scenarios and pro formas on any potential building use, for every property in a market—empowering you to make quicker and better real estate decisions.

  • Mapping and Spatial Analysis
  • Automated Developer’s Proforma
  • Market Wide Sensitivity Analysis
  • Road and Infrastructure Cost Tools
  • Median Sales Prices and Build Costs

Use The Power of AI Computing to Make Faster, Smarter, Real EstateDecisions

Instantly become an expert in any market through quantifiable, standardized data based on your specific search parameters. By knowing both the intrinsic value (developable potential) of the land and the current market value of the land, one can quickly and accurately determine the feasibility of a given property or development and compare all properties in a market using those same ROI calculations.

Cloud-Based Collaborative Platform

Built on a robust, cloud-based platform that allows you to customize your dashboard, set alerts, and share findings and information with your team.

  • Customizable Proformas
  • Collaborative Communication Platform
  • Document Storage and Publishing
  • Automated Alerts

Aeon AI Technology Partners

Aeon AI has partnered with the world-class data analysts at Google to provide an elegant visualization platform, condensing vast amounts of data and calculations into a simple and intuitive dashboard.