Our Platform

Aeon AI is the most powerful real estate analytic software in the world and provides you with instant, real time valuation and analytic capabilities on any property, portfolio, or market area by condensing vast amounts of data in a simple and customizable interface.

Set Your Criteria and See Everything

Aeon AI provides search parameters tailor made for your specific needs. Instantly narrow and refine your results by changing your desired zoning, risk tolerance, and density, just to name a few. Aeon AI will return all of the properties in the market based on your criteria, providing you with a complete and full picture rather than just a snapshot.

Evaluate and Analyze in Real Time

Aeon AI automates 65 different data streams specific to each individual property, allowing for real time evaluation. You can simultaneously run multiple scenarios and pro formas on any potential building use, for every property in a market—empowering you to make quicker and better real estate decisions.

  • Mapping and Spatial Analysis
  • Automated Developer’s Proforma
  • Market Wide Sensitivity Analysis
  • Road and Infrastructure Cost Tools
  • Median Sales Prices and Build Costs

Make Faster, Smarter Real Estate Decisions

Instantly become an expert in any market through quantifiable, standardized data based on your specific search parameters. By knowing the intrinsic value of the land and the accompanying projected ROI, you can quickly and accurately determine the feasibility of a given property or development.

Cloud-Based Collaborative Platform

Built on a robust, cloud-based platform that allows you to customize your dashboard, set alerts, and share findings and information with your team.

  • Customizable Dashboards
  • Collaborative Communication Platform
  • Document Storage and Publishing
  • Automated Alerts
  • Quick Order Third Party Service Links

Aeon AI Technology Partners

Aeon AI has partnered with the world-class data analysts at Domo and Google to provide an elegant visualization platform, condensing vast amounts of data and calculations into a simple and intuitive dashboard.


Data-driven planning and forecasting to maximize stewardship.

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Unmatched data, delivering powerful evaluations and faster closings.

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Quickly determine the intrinsic value and ROI of any property in the market.

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