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Empowering cities, counties and states to understand future growth and development. Keep development accountable through advanced data analytics and insights never before available.

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Sales Tax Analytics Tool

The AEON Sales Tax Analytics Tool allows you to harness the immense power of your data, enabling you to:

  • Instantly have your finger on the pulse of the economic health of your city’s business community.
  • Comprehensively examine and analyze your revenue streams for planning, forecasting, and budgeting.
  • Quickly and proactively identify revenue trends, patterns, and anomalies with real-time sales tax analytics.
  • Understand how your specific NAICS categories and supersectors are performing each month.
  • Vastly enhance communications and transparent dialogue within your internal departments, city councils, staff, and government officials.

Development Insights Tool

The AEON Development Insights Tool levels the playing field in your discussions and negotiations with developers and instantly provides expert level understanding of any given parcel within your city by:

  • Allowing you to see any given project from the eyes of a developer, including immediate generation of estimated project returns and costs.
  • Providing an instant income potential analysis on any parcel within your city, using your specific and unique zoning parameters and land use designations.
  • Giving you the unprecedented ability to test and run simulations on the build-out and growth of your city, using data customized and specific to your municipality.
  • Enabling you to "pull back the curtain" and then make highly informed decisions on potential incentives or tax breaks to incoming developers or businesses.
  • Empowering city councils, administrators, officials, city planners, and accompanying staff with real-time, data-based decision making.

Payment in Lieu of Taxes (PILT) Valuation

AEON’s game changing PILT valuation model, provides states with an unprecedented, comprehensive understanding of the true and fair taxable value of every acre of Federal Land within its borders by:

  • Instantly generating a real-time analysis on tax equivalency value versus the current PILT payments being received.
  • Running limitless valuation scenarios and simulations using real-time costs, land use parameters, and parcel specific data.
  • Understanding, comparing, and analyzing adjoining non-Federal lands, for the purpose of determining highest and best use and revenue generating potential.
  • Providing elegant and customizable visualizations, using a data dashboard.
  • Locating all federal parcels within the state.
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Aeon AI is revolutionizing the way real estate is analyzed, evaluated, and forecasted and is taking a business sector that has been largely untouched by technology into the future.

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